Barrio LindoJapan Tour 2023 in KYOTO

cafe Rumbita
京都市中京区山崎町258-19 珠光ビル三条 3F
DNA Paradise
京都市中京区北車屋町281 森川ビルB1F
Door|2,500JPY + 1 Drink
Before in 23:59|2,000JPY + 1 Drink
Under 29years old|1,500JPY + 1 Drink


Barrio Lindo Japan Tour 2023 in KYOTO Flyer

In 2019, whilst touring Japan, Barrio Lindo found himself moving away from the dance floor,
instead getting lost in his headphones while listening to music that dismissed genre, oscillating between jazz, chamber orchestras and electronica. As a producer at the forefront of Latin America’s folktronica scene over the last 10 years, Agustín Rivaldo, to give Barrio Lindo his given name, has proven himself more than adept at crafting soundscapes that can transport listeners, full of detail and nuance, but they always had to pander to the club and its duty to keep revellers energised. The epiphany in Japan necessitated a change in direction, to make music that people could get lost in, and which also meant he could revert to his younger self, that guy in his twenties playing guitar with his friends, just for fun. So he booked a studio on the outskirts of Buenos Aires in early 2020 and invited some friends over; the idea was simple, let’s play some music and see where it takes us. Espuma de Mar is the result, those initial sessions refined over the intervening years, new collaborators brought in where necessary, the production crafted in the same manner as his previous electronic-focused output, but the feel here, the ambience, is completely different. Like the espuma de mar, the sea foam that gives the album its name, this music has a fleeting quality, it arrives, imperfectly, and never stops transforming; it replenishes, it diminishes, it breathes....